Where to Live Near St. Louis, MO

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Where to Live Near St. Louis, MO

Figuring out where to live near St. Louis, MO can be a little overwhelming, especially for people relocating to the area who may not be familiar with all the different parts of the city, county, and surrounding areas. (And even for those who do live here, there are a lot of outdated views and myths that too often color people’s perceptions of certain areas...)

There’s something for everyone in the St. Louis region. Once you decide what you and your family need to feel at home, you can start looking for a house in a neighborhood or suburb that has a “personality” to match.

When locals talk about living in St. Louis, they don’t always mean the city of St. Louis. Greater St. Louis encompasses the city, St. Louis County, and five other nearby counties. The population of the entire region is more than 2 million people, living in nearly 100 different municipalities. The city itself is relatively small, with a population of only about 300,000, but it has 79 defined neighborhoods.

Looking for a home without some idea of what each has to offer can be overwhelming. The agents at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties can help sort it all out for you.

Choosing Your New St. Louis Neighborhood or Suburb

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The neighborhoods and towns that make up Greater St. Louis each have their own distinctive style. But each also has a diverse population within its boundaries. 

One thing to keep in mind: Labels can be tricky, and it's all-too-easy to fall into using certain stereotypes. We want to avoid that here. What we are trying to do here is to suggest which neighborhoods and municipalities have the best access to certain features that folks might find attractive at different stages of life, independent of things like age, income, sexual orientation, and so on.

That said, deciding where to live near St. Louis, MO can be narrowed down by looking at your goals as a homebuyer. Certain areas will hold special appeal based on your lifestyle.

When It’s All About the Weekend

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For people wanting to make the most of their free time, there is a lot to offer in the St. Louis region. There are neighborhoods rich in live music venues and eclectic restaurants. Parks and rec centers can satisfy weekend athletes. And there are a variety of options for those who want to own a home but don’t want the upkeep to interfere with their fun.

This demographic might include young, first-time homebuyers who are getting tired of paying rent. They are ready to buy, but not necessarily ready to settle down. Or perhaps they are older but recently single, or empty-nesters looking to downsize but not slow down their active social lives.

Condominium complexes might be just the ticket. In recent years, several builders have adopted a “town center” concept with high-end amenities like pools, workout rooms, and courtyards and rooftop gathering spaces, along with on-site retail shops and restaurants. Condo-living means there’s no yard to mow and maintenance is often provided as if it was an apartment complex.

Other homeowners might prefer a house and don’t mind having to do a bit of work, as long as they can be close to the things that they do for fun. An experienced realtor can help find small, well-maintained homes for just about any budget in the most vibrant areas of the city.

If nightlife with great food and music is important, think about moving downtown. You could also check out neighborhoods like Soulard, The Grove, or Benton Park. Foodies might want to look for a house around Cherokee Street, South Grand, or the Delmar Loop. If being in the city center doesn’t appeal, think about Maplewood or Clayton.

For those whose idea of weekend fun means something more active, wonderful outdoor space can be found both inside and not too far outside the city. Forest Park is one of the country’s largest urban parks and living anywhere nearby gives access to miles of walking and biking paths as well as museums and the St. Louis Zoo. If the suburbs are more to your liking, St. Peters has 20 parks. Further afield, consider Eureka or Wildwood.

If Family Comes First

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Homebuyers with kids have additional concerns when it comes to deciding where to live near St. Louis. While plenty of families love living in urban settings, things like schools, safe outdoor spaces, and kid-friendly activities are important too. Growing families typically are looking for larger homes with more bedrooms and bigger yards. A real estate agent who knows the various neighborhoods and suburbs of Greater St. Louis can steer a family to a place where they can thrive.

When it comes to education, there are many different options (public, private, charter, and magnet/choice schools). Each municipality has its own public system, while private and charter schools tend to serve the entire region. The website greatschools.org gives a rundown of all of the choices in the area.

The area has many affordable family-friendly neighborhoods, and the region has no shortage of things to keep kids entertained. Venues like the City Museum, The Magic House, the St. Louis Zoo, and the St. Louis Science Center are places for families to visit again and again. 

While every family has a different idea of what constitutes “family friendly,” there is some agreement about which neighborhoods provide a good value for families. St. Louis Hills, Northampton, and Skinker DeBaliviere are on that list. Moving further out, consider Kirkwood or Webster Groves. Even further out into the suburbs, Creve Couer, St. Charles, and St. Peters are good options.

Work, Work, Work

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Recent years have seen St. Louis experienced incredible growth in several areas of business, manufacturing, and technology. The area is home to many heavy-hitters in the business world, such as Express Scripts, Square, and Anheuser-Busch InBev as well as large universities and hospitals. There is also a thriving startup community and many members of the gig economy.

If you’re relocating to St. Louis for work, it’s important to find a place to live that has an easy commute and fits your lifestyle and tastes. 

Maryland Heights and Bridgeton are near many office and industrial parks, as are Chesterfield and Fenton. No matter where you work, a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties agent will have some great ideas of places to live.

Co-working spaces are popular for small businesses and entrepreneurs and dot the downtown area, Midtown, and the Central West End. Living near these would be very convenient, especially for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or creative-types who could make use of these spaces.

Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

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For homeowners who are ready to retire or just want something a bit more rural, there are plenty of options near St. Louis, MO. Those who aren’t ready to give up city living might choose a quiet neighborhood like Botanical Heights or Boulevard Heights. 

For others, leaving the hustle and bustle for a dream retirement home in a picturesque spot sounds good. Suburban enclaves like Town and Country or Ladue might offer the home you’ve been striving for. Affton or Florrisant have cozy communities too. Or perhaps a small hobby farm or ranch home in Kimmswick or Lake St. Louis is more your style. 

And senior-living communities are popping up everywhere too, offering the same perks as other condos, but with a minimum age limit, usually 55. Residents have a number of services at their finger-tips in a safe, convenient environment. 

When it’s time to make a transition to a retirement home, talk to a realtor who knows all the places to live near St. Louis. Even if you’re a lifelong resident, they can show you some neighborhoods and towns that might surprise you.

Help from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties

Whether you’re single, married with kids, an empty nester or a senior citizen, there is a home for you in or near St. Louis, Missouri. Contact Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Select Properties. St. Louis and the surrounding counties our agents live too. We’ll be happy to help with your search for the perfect house for your lifestyle and budget.

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